À conversa com o argumentista de Sete Pecados Mortais

Eis a transcrição de um magnífico texto que me foi remetido pelo argumentista do filme Sete Pecados Mortais (1995), de David Fincher, a respeito do controverso diálogo entre Morgan Freeman e Gwyneth Paltrow:

«[...]The point of that scene in part was to continue heaping on this idea that this is a world where there are nothing but awful ugly choices people have to make. What would ordinarily be happiness gets contorted by reality and it weighs on them like a heavy suffocating dirty coat or like constant rain, or a foul smell that won't go away. It creates sympathy for the Gwyneth Paltrow character and leaves you wondering which unpleasant path is she going to take and adds more to the tragedy later. Not that it should make my opinion weightier but I spent a lot of time working on the film. I (with others) made gluttony and sloth.
I know Morgan Freeman is known for playing wise but in this movie and in that scene he isn't giving the advice he would like to give in a normal world. He is giving advice for the stinking world he lives in. You think he enjoyed giving the advice kill the baby and lie about it? Of course not. It stank in his gut. There is no sunshine in Seven. No joy. No happy retirement or rest. No happy endings for anybody. This isn't a movie where there is the possiblility of the thought of happily bouncing a baby on your knee. Where does giving advice about hope and making pleasant choices fit into this movie? Seven is about normal thoughts twisted around barbed wire. It was all the more depressing because when Seven came out the world seemed to be swimming in these murky no win questions.»

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