Madison Hotel, New York

«My stay at the Madison Hotel was one of the most shocking experiences of my life, and I am a seasoned independent traveler. Picture this... After 8pm every night, prostitutes and pimps doing business in the tiny, sticky, flourescent lit lobby, with the hotel staff turning a blind eye...in the hallway outside my room, a scrawny man actually smoking crack, and now that I know what CRACK smells like, I can assure that crack smoking happens on a fairly regular basis in peoples rooms. This hotel is not a safe place to stay. I'm not even going to go into the how disgusting my room was (pubes, semen, etc).»

«As a world traveler ive seen bad hotels, this is in the top three. Place was overun with crackheads, hookers, transvestites and lowlifes that seemed to run the place. Management seems to profit from the illicit activity so dont expect sympathy.»

«N'allez surtout pas là je vous en prie. Certes les prix sont très bas mais ne justifient en aucun cas ce que vous devrez subir. L'immeuble est désuet, malpropre et lugubre. L'ascenceur (car il n'y a qu'un !) est lent , inquétant et donne des mouvements sacadés et fais un bruit digne des film d'horreurs. Ils ont des clés en métal pour les chambres et non magnétique ce qui augmente considérablement les chances de vous faire voler.»

«This place is a --- unless you don't mind sub-par cleanliness and rude staff with the occasional proposition from a prostitute. Oh and the little deli that you get free breakfast at - it's not too bad but there are time and food restrictions on it...but I did enjoy my coffee and toast every morning. Those are pretty hard to screw up though.»

«Don't let a cheap rate lure you towards this hotel. As I arrived, dealing with the rude front desk was as if they wanted us to beg for a room. When we got into the room we found very long pubes in both of the beds and they sure weren't mine (very long ones). The bedspread had an old bloody-semeny stain that led us to toss it on the floor. The TV only had one station (channel 3) avaliable which constantly aired Oprah when we wanted the local weather. When we were not in the room, the staff was reluctant to let us sit on the lobby couches unless we constantly proved we were staying there. Stepping outside, I saw two lovely rats scurry under the steps. They were probably taking the food from the "complementary breakfast" since no one else would eat it.»

«I stayed at this hotel for 6 days in August and i can honestly say that it is the worst hotel i have ever stayed in. The staff were not merely unfriendly they were also very rude and unhelpful. Their idea of customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They requested payment up front before we even had a chance to view the room, and GOD FORBID you ask for reciept of payment. this is given to you at their earliest convenience as it is deemed 'not part of their job'.»

«Rude rude rude. They woke me up at 2pm entering the room without knocking because they had forgot to tell me that I had to prepay that night. They had kept my credit card number but it WAS hotel policy to charge it at 2pm after waking me up. Free breakfast coupons! Yeah sure! A horrible coffee and over-charges in the horrible quality muffins due to misunderstanding with the hotel reception... and they charge more the herbal tea because it is special tea and ups! they forgot to mention it before pouring the hot water... anyway.»

«I've stayed in hotels around the world and with out a doubt the Madison Hotel ranks as the worst. My wife and I have never stayed in a hotel with no closet or bureau. The cheap TV perched on top of what might have been an old radio cabinet - minus the radio. The TV received 3 channels but only one was clear enough - on the few occasions snow and lines didn't dominate the screen. The old tired curtains didn't cover the window and the insulation around the air conditioner was probably 1/4" plywood. The bed was one inch higher on one side so I had to hug the corner to keep from rolling over my wife.»

«We stayed at this hotel in october because this price was right and the reviews looked good. What a dump. We were downgraded from a two bed room to one double -but I guess we were lucky because the person arriving after us was downgraded to no room at all. The curtains were torn and dirty, exosed wiring all over the place, outlets in the bathroom didn't work. The carpets were torn and dirty and the radiators banged all night. I could go on forever. i've stayed at other hotels in NYC that are just a little higher priced and my experience was always great. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid this place at all costs.»

«I went upstairs, dropped off my small bag and left to have dinner. I came back around 10PM and went to sleep, when I awoke and got out of bed, I noticed the sheets covered with spots of blood and dead bedbugs, it was freakin’ disgusting. I took a shower (even with all the bath bugs around and I left at 6:30 am with nowhere to go at that hour. Anyway, I finished my business that day and by the time I arrived home that evening at 10:10PM, hundreds of bites and marks had developed all over my body. To make a long story short I filed a lawsuit against this filthy Madison “hotel” through my attorney in New York, Steven De Castro, and my case has been mentioned on the CBS news in New York as well as the weekly program “Inside Edition”. My case will finally take place in front of a jury on Tuesday November 13.»